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Welcome to a growing global collective of individuals and businesses dedicated to conscious living, emotional well-being, and sustainable practices.

We are not just a directory, but a vital link that simplifies the journey towards conscious living by connecting conscious consumers with ethical businesses.


A comprehensive list of recommended service providers and creators dedicated to conscious living. Our directory is a resource-rich platform that empowers individuals to live consciously and businesses to flourish ethically.


A global network of individuals committed to facilitating positive change. We are a thriving community of ‘conscious creators’, individuals and businesses steadfast in their commitment to conscious, ethical, and sustainable practices. Our network is a hive of collaboration and synergistic growth.


A progressive, social, and supportive community of open-minded, heart-centered, and caring individuals. Our community thrives as an inspiring and supportive hub, where individuals come together in a spirit of compassion and camaraderie, nurturing a culture of empathy, encouragement, and social connection.

Whoare we?

How it allbegan

Our journey began with a vision—a world where every individual taps into their power as a conscious creator, shaping life in harmony with themselves, others, and the universe. We envision a world where conscious living is not an exception but the norm, and we are committed to being the architects of this future. 


We are a group of individuals who met due to our shared values and commitment to compassion, mindfulness, and a better quality of life.

We combined our skills and started to co-create and share our gifts.

Meet the Founding members here.

TheGoalsof the Conscious Creator's

The Conscious Creator’s directory, network, and community aims to empower open-minded and heart-led individuals on their conscious journey. We aim to create a global community that promotes compassion, conscious consumption, and sustainability.

Our mission is to provide the resources to support you on your path to a more mindful, compassionate, sustainable and rewarding life.


Open minded, heart led, community members empowering each other on their conscious experience


Align with a global community fostering compassion, conscious consumption, and sustainability


Access a wealth of resources to support your journey towards a more mindful, compassionate, and sustainable life.

Co -Creations


First, we formed a community. We met to discuss how we could collectively support each other, reach more people, and grow the community.

The goal of the community is to create a ripple effect of empowerment for those embarking on a conscious, spiritual, stoic, natural, or any other kind of ethical lifestyle journey.


Then came “the Conscious Creator’s Community Show” on Facebook and YouTube as a way of discussing important parts of conscious creation and reaching more people interested in embracing a better life.


The show has reached a warm audience and is slowly becoming a popular fortnightly occurrence for participants from all over the world. It has been one of those ideas that has flourished and impacted us, and others, in ways we never thought possible.

We have started a Facebook group for the audience members to connect with the guests of the show, the founding members of the community, and to connect with each others.

It is a safe space for all, you can find it here.

More forYou

We appreciateyou

If you have seen the show, are in the group, or are here reading this now, having found us somehow, we are incredibly grateful for your support and participation.

We will be bringing you more interesting, inspiring, intellectual, and expansive shows over the coming months and years.

If you haven’t seen the show, Sign Up to find out more here.

Thanks toyou

The growth of the community, which we hope you will join if you haven’t, and the impact from our efforts so far have led us to create not the Conscious Creator’s Community, but now also the Directory & Network.

TheDirectory & Network

The number one directory & network for conscious creators new and old.

Our meticulously curated directory will act as a dynamic nexus, forging links between ethical businesses and discerning consumers.

We are passionately committed to cultivating mindful living, conscious parenting, and emotional wellness.

Explorethe directory

What's the directory?

The directory is our list of recommended suppliers who offer conscious living services such as healings, courses, meditations, coaching, and other ethical products.

From alchemists to yoga teachers, we aim to bring you everything you need to make this experience an enjoyable conscious one.

You will find many exclusive complimentary offerings in the form of readings, healings, clarity calls, downloads and other surprises from many of the people and businesses listed on the directory.

Launched inJune 2023

Our goal is to continually grow the directory and bring you everything you need for your conscious experience.

We encourage you to check back regularly or join our newsletter and receive regular updates.

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Our Commitment to a Sustainable Life Sustainable humans, sustainable planet.

Sustainability starts with us.

Until we are self-loving, self-trusting, and know our self-worth, we will always over consume, expect the worst to happen, and have conflicting values.

We must learn to sustain ourselves energetically before we can create a sustainable planet.

As a conscious creator you know anything is possible.

We created it, and so we can recreate it.

Whether it’s our beliefs, the systems that run our life, or another invention that's doing more harm than good.

We Know we created it, and so we can change it.

Our site provides everything you need to reconnect with yourself and rebuild those pathways of love, faith, and worth so you can sustain your energy and high vibration and create your conscious lifestyle.


Suppliers & Suggestions

We’re constantly on the lookout for ethical, organic, natural, recycled, upcycled, and conscious products that align with your conscious lifestyle.

If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Your feedback is valuable to us as we strive to provide products that reflect our shared values.


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listings page here.


If you cannot find what you’re looking for on this website or would like to suggest something, please visit the suggestions page here.

Unleash the power of your story!

Share your personal transformation and the extraordinary path you’ve embarked upon towards a life of conscious living.

Your unique journey has the potential to ignite a flame of inspiration in the hearts of others, guiding them towards their own conscious awakening. Be the North Star that illuminates the way for fellow seekers, igniting their passion for a better and more meaningful existence. Your story holds the key to unlocking endless possibilities and empowering countless lives. Embrace the opportunity to inspire and uplift others by sharing your story today. Together, let’s create a ripple effect of transformation and a world filled with conscious living.

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